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Licensed MLB Cotton Fabric by the yard from BEAR PAW Quilt Co.

We have a large selection of licensed MLB cotton fabrics to choose from; All of our MLB cotton fabric prints by the yard are 100% Cotton, 60" Wide. MLB Cotton fabric is perfect for any of your quilting, sewing or crafting needs. Order today!

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Major League Baseball Pittsburgh Pirates - 100% Cotton, 60" Wide

Buy our Licensed MLB Cotton team fabric by the yard. Perfect for all of your quilting, crafting and sewing projects.

Officially Licensed MLB
Cotton Fabric 100% Cotton 60" wide.

This product is for
individual use only. Any unauthorized use of this fabric is prohibited.

They work great with any of our

Baseball Themed Prints!

Sale--was 12.99

Ref # mlb_6650_b

$10.29    yd   Quantity:  

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